Applicants’ identity for citizenship purposes

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

This section provides guidance on how to verify applicant’s identity for citizenship purposes.

Need for originals vs. accepting copies

Originals of identity documents are always verified at the time of the program integrity interview.

Verification is necessary if there is any doubt about the applicant's identity or if there are concerns about the validity or authenticity of the identity documents submitted.

Certified copy acceptable

A certified copy of a document is acceptable for determining whether or not the content and the nature of the document is adequate. The CPC-S, local offices, Case Management Branch, judges and the Registrar have the right to request original documents for audit purposes or where the validity of the document is in question.

When to accept photocopies

Photocopies are requested in the following application kits and must be on file when the applications are received at the CPC-S:

  • grant applicants under subsection 5(1) (including 5(1.2) and 5(1.3))who will be seen during the application process;
  • grant applicants under subsection 5(2) who are older than 14 years who will be seen during the application process; and
  • replacement proof applications.

When in doubt, do not accept photocopies, and ask to see the original document(s).

Verifying identity and ensuring certificates created have the proper information:

Handling changes in identity

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