Identity documents applicants must provide at citizenship interviews, hearings, and tests

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

This section explains how to check the identity of applicants who appear for an interview, a hearing, or a citizenship knowledge test.

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What each applicant must bring to the citizenship interview, hearing, or knowledge test

Each applicant must bring the following:

  • their Record of Landing [IMM 1000] or Confirmation of Permanent Residence [IMM 5292 or IMM 5509], and permanent resident card (PRC), where applicable;
  • one other identity document that includes a photograph (and preferably a signature);
  • all passports and travel documents in the applicant’s possession; and
  • the original of all supporting documents (birth certificate, legal change of name document, etc.) sent with the application.

Ways to verify identity

If the applicant does not have photo identification:

  • have the applicant sign the notice form;
  • compare the signature on the notice form to the signature on identity documents provided by the applicant or to the application form;
  • compare the file photograph against the person in front of the citizenship official.

Reschedule test applicants without identification

Applicants must not be allowed to write the knowledge test if they cannot prove their identity.

Verify documents

Citizenship officials must examine the original documents of grant applicants at a knowledge test, interview, or hearing. When checking passports, examine all stamps against the declaration on the application.

Accept only certified copies or originals

As most applicants for a citizenship certificate (proof) will not be seen by citizenship officials, only certified copies or originals of documents can be accepted in support of proof applications unless the applicant is applying for a replacement of a certificate.

Pick-up or exchange by applicant

If an applicant picks up or exchanges a certificate at a citizenship office, citizenship officials must confirm the applicant’s identity.

Pick-up or exchange by third party

If another person picks up or exchanges a certificate at a citizenship office for an applicant, citizenship officials must confirm the person’s identity, that the person is authorized to pick-up the certificate or exchange the certificate and have the person sign for the release of the certificate or exchange to a certificate.

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