Agri-Food  Pilot (AFP) Program: Other situations

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

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Adding a family member

If the principal applicant’s family composition changes during processing, the principal applicant must inform IRCC.

During processing, a principal applicant can add a new family member as a dependant, such as a newborn or adopted child or a new spouse or common-law partner. The principal applicant may also request that a family member originally declared as non-accompanying be included as accompanying.

Officers should not process a request to add a spouse or child (as an accompanying dependant) if the principal applicant does not appear to meet the eligibility requirements.

If the principal applicant will meet the eligibility requirements and wants to add their family member(s) to the application, the following must be submitted by the principal applicant:

Once all the required forms and applicable fees have been submitted, the officer will

Note: The principal applicant can submit a request to add a family member by submitting a case-specific enquiry through the IRCC web form.

Changing employers

An applicant who has a permanent residence application in processing may obtain a new genuine offer of employment only under 1 of the following circumstances:

Changing immigration categories

If an applicant has applied in another category and subsequently submits a new application under the Agri-Food Pilot (AFP) Program, the following applies:

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