Modernized functional guidance for language requirements

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

If you use the manuals and operational bulletins regularly, you will notice that there has been a significant change to the way some of this content now looks. In the long run, finding the right information will be easier and faster.

Transitioning to the new format

Information on language requirements that used to be found in the OP manuals is now found in a new location. The table below illustrates at a high level where you can find content now.

Chapter/OB number Previous title New title/location
  • OB 441

Minimum Language Standards and Mandatory Testing for Provincial Nominees in National Occupation Classification Skill Levels C and D

Language requirements – Provincial nominees

  • OP 6 s9.3
  • OP 6a s10.3
  • OP 6b s9.3

Knowledge of official languages

Language requirements – Federal skilled workers

  • OP 6 s9.4
  • OP 6a s10.4
  • OP 6b s9.4
  • OP 25 s 9.4
  • OP 25a s 9.4

Evidence of language proficiency

Evidence of language proficiency

  • OP 6 s9.6
  • OP 6a s10.6
  • OP6b s 9.5
  • OP 25 s 9.6
  • OP 25a s 9.6
  • OP 26 s 9.3

Designated testing organizations

Designated language testing agencies

  • OP 6 s9.7
  • OP 6a s10.7
  • OP 6b s9.7

French language testing organizations

Language test equivalency charts

  • OP 6 s9.8
  • OP 6a s10.8
  • OP 6b s9.8

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)

Language test equivalency charts

  • OP 6 s9.9
  • OP 6a s10.9
  • OP 6b s9.9
  • OP 25 s 9.7
  • OP 25a s 9.7

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training

Language test equivalency charts

  • OP 6 s9.10
  • OP 6a s10.10
  • OP 6b s9.10
  • OP 25 s 9.8
  • OP 25a s 9.8

Test d’évaluation de français (TEF)

Language test equivalency charts

  • OP 6 s9.11
  • OP 6a s10.11
  • OP 25 s 9.9
  • OP 25a s9.9

Other written evidence

Language test equivalency charts

  • OP s 9.12
  • OP 6a s10.12
  • OP 6b s9.11
  • OP 26 s 9.5
  • OP 25 s 9.10
  • OP 25a s 9.10

Integrity concerns on language proficiency during an interview

Integrity concerns with respect to language test results

  • OP 14 s 5.5

Language ability [R112(d)]

Language requirements – Live-in caregivers

  • OP 25 s 9.3
  • OP 25a s 9.3

Official language proficiency

Language requirements – Canadian experience class

  • OP 26 s 9.1

Required level of language proficiency

Language requirements – federal skilled trades

  • OP 26 s 9.2

Language test designation process

Criteria for designation as a language testing agency

  • OP 26 s 9.4

Language test equivalency charts

Language test equivalency charts

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