Review of the Migration Policy Development Program

Annex B – Interview guide


TDV Global Inc. has been engaged by the Research and Evaluation branch at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to conduct a review of the Migration Policy Development Program (MPDP), which funds contributions or membership for the following three organizations which conduct or support research activities in the fields of national and international migration, refugee, and humanitarian issues:

  • The Migration Policy Institute (MPI);
  • The Regional Conference on Migration (RCM, often referred to as the Puebla process); and
  • Intergovernmental Consultations on Asylum, Refugee and Migration Policies (IGC).

The objective of this study is to document and examine program results. As part of the review, TDV is conducting interviews with key stakeholders and you have been identified as a valuable resource to provide input for this process.

The following questions will serve as a guide for our interview. In some cases, questions will not be relevant to your particular situation. Please note your responses will be confidential and will not be attributed to you in the report or in any documentation provided to the evaluation group at CIC.

The interview will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.


1. Please describe your role and involvement with the international organizations listed above.

Success of MPDP

2. What are the main activities and outputs related to each of the organizations in which you have been involved?

3. Are there any planned activities or outputs related to each organization that have not been achieved?

4. What have been the key results of MPI/RCM/IGC?

5. In what areas, if any, have CIC or OGDs played an influencing role?

6. To what degree has Canada’s involvement in MPI/RCM/IGC contributed to the intended outcomes? Please provide examples [cite outcomes if necessary].

  • Promote an increase in research activity on migration issues
  • Encourage the exchange of information among states
  • Contribute to the public discussion on migration issues

7. To what degree has Canada’s involvement in MPI/RGC/IGC contributed to programme or policy thinking in your department?

8. Have there been any unintended results (positive or negative) that have occurred through Canada’s involvement in these forums?


9. In your opinion, what are the objectives of the MPDP/Canada’s involvement with the organization(s)? In your opinion, are the program objectives clear?

10. Is there a continued need to fund membership in MPI, RCM, and IGC?

11. Do you have any additional comments that you would like to make regarding the MPDP?

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