Review of the Migration Policy Development Program

2. Methodology

2.1 Review context

The primary objective of the study was to conduct a review of program activities and report on the results achieved, in order to meet CIC reporting obligations to Treasury Board.

This review covers MPDP activities over the five-year period from 2003/04 to 2007/08, and was conducted from October 2007 to January 2008.

2.2 Review methodology

This review focuses on two key review issues: success and relevance. The following table outlines the review issues, indicators and data sources.

Area Issue Indicator Data source
1. Success: Did the program achieve its intended activities, outputs and results? Did the program deliver on its activities and outputs? By forum and by year:
  • Contribution agreements and annual reports
  • Contribution amounts
  • % of organizational budgets
  • Meetings, working groups
  • Forums, events
  • Publications
  • Resolutions
Document review
Web-site review
Did the program achieve its stated results?
  • Promote an increase in research activity conducted on migration issues
  • Encourage the exchange of information among states
  • Contribute to the public discussion on migration issues
By forum:
  • Research on migration issues
  • Exchange of information through meetings, working groups
  • Public discussion on migration
Document review
Web-site review
2. Relevance: Is there a continued need for the program?

Is the program aligned with CIC and GOC objectives?

Is there a continued need to fund membership to MPDP forums?

Alignment of forum objectives with CIC and GOC objectives

Reported value and benefits of participation

Document review
Web-site review

A detailed review of over 55 documents was conducted (see Annex A). In addition, the following web-sites were reviewed:

Interviews with 14 key informants were conducted over the December 2007 and January 2008 period. Interviewees included representatives from CIC (nine), CBSA (two), DFAIT (two), and IRB (one). Annex B contains the interview guide and Annex C contains the list of interviewees.

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