Review of the Migration Policy Development Program

5. Conclusions

This review has found that the activities and outputs for the three funding recipients, IGC, RCM and MPI are being achieved on an annual basis in line with the contribution agreements, with the minor exception of the roundtables to be organised through MPI which are delayed due to scheduling difficulties.

While difficult to quantify due to their nature, the substantial number of forums, meeting, workshops and publications outlined in the Annexes, along with the interviews, provide evidence to conclude that the key results as outlined by the MPDP are being achieved and specifically that MPDP has:

  • Promoted an increase in research activity conducted on migration issues;
  • Encouraged the exchange of information among states; and
  • Contributed to the public discussion in this field.

MPDP is facilitating access to information related to migration management, some of which would not be accessible in any other venue. These forums are promoting frank and substantive dialogue between states. There is an indication that additional efforts to increase awareness and dissemination of information related to IGC within CIC would allow the department to more fully realize the benefits of membership.

A number of additional results were reported in that Canada’s involvement in IGC and RCM and financial support of MPI has:

  • Provided Canada with the opportunity to showcase its practices and influence policy discussions and thinking in international fora;
  • Strengthened intergovernmental relationships and international networks, particularly with Central American states and the EU;
  • Strengthened the Central American region through technical assistance and capacity building related to migration policy and programs; and
  • Contributed to the migration-related policy thinking and discussion within Canada;

At this time, the forums are well-aligned with CIC strategic outcomes as well as the Government of Canada’s outcomes.

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