Reaffirm Your Citizenship: The Great Canadian Oath

The Great Canadian Oath has become an annual event on Canada Day to celebrate Canadian citizenship. It is a fun way for Canadians to reaffirm their commitment to Canada by taking the Oath of Citizenship, the same oath that all newcomers take when they become Canadian citizens. All Canadians can get involved by organizing a Great Canadian Oath event in their own community.

See our tips for organizing a memorable citizenship reaffirmation ceremony.

An in-class activity is also available for teachers.

Video - Reaffirm Your Citizenship: The Great Canadian Oath

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Transcript for “Reaffirm Your Citizenship: The Great Canadian Oath” Video

Video length: 2:37 minutes

The video begins with music playing as text appears on screen. The text is displayed in a red and white motif and reads: “Great Canadian Oath, Citizenship Reaffirmation Ceremony, July 1, 2012, Ottawa”.

A wide shot of Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa appears on screen. There is a tent, and banners are set up for Canada Day celebrations. The Peace Tower and the Library of Parliament are visible in the background; many people in the park are wearing red and white.

The shot changes to a Canadian flag waving in the wind, and then again to people wearing red and white.

The music fades into a drumming beat. A procession of traditional African drummers, wearing red and white, moves through Major’s Hill Park. They are playing wooden drums, which they carry on the tops of their heads. Spectators surround them.

Two flag bearers carrying Canadian flags bring up the rear of the procession.

A wide shot of the drummers performing in a circle appears on screen. A large crowd of spectators surrounds them. Red is the prominent colour worn by the people in the crowd.

Next, a medium shot of one of the performers dancing to the beat appears on screen. The drumming ends, and the crowd applauds. The camera pans to the right to show the crowd.

A group of six singers on a stage singing O Canada appear on screen next.

Singing: O Canada! Our home and native land! … Car ton bras sait porter l'épée, Il sait porter la croix! … O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

A variety of shots are shown of the crowd singing the National Anthem, including members of the drumming group and crowd members waving Canadian flags. The shot changes to a close up of one of the singers on stage. Members of the crowd can be seen on the left side of the shot.

As the National Anthem ends, the camera pans to the left to show the entire crowd in Major’s Hill Park. They applaud. 

The video changes to a wide shot of the crowd, taken from behind a woman, Citizenship Judge Brum Bozzi, who stands at a microphone. She is wearing a black robe. The camera changes angles and shows Judge Brum Bozzi’s face. The singers stand to her right.

Judge Brum Bozzi: Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs. Today is the perfect day to show your love for Canada, and the best way to do that is to say the Oath of Citizenship.

The camera angle reverts back to the wide shot of the crowd.

Judge Brum Bozzi: Please raise your right hand.

The judge leads the Oath of Citizenship and the crowd repeats each line. As the Oath is recited, different shots of the crowd and members of the drumming group are shown on screen.

Judge Brum Bozzi: I swear

Crowd repeats: I swear

Judge Brum Bozzi: That I will be faithful

Crowd repeats: That I will be faithful

Judge Brum Bozzi: And bear true allegiance

Crowd repeats: And bear true allegiance

Judge Brum Bozzi: To Her Majesty

Crowd repeats: To Her Majesty

Judge Brum Bozzi: Queen Elizabeth the Second

Crowd repeats: Queen Elizabeth the Second

Judge Brum Bozzi: Queen of Canada

Crowd repeats: Queen of Canada

Judge Brum Bozzi: Her Heirs and Successors

Crowd repeats: Her Heirs and Successors

Judge Brum Bozzi: And that I will

Crowd repeats: And that I will

Judge Brum Bozzi: Faithfully observe

Crowd repeats: Faithfully observe

Judge Brum Bozzi: The laws of Canada

Crowd repeats: The laws of Canada

Judge Brum Bozzi: And fulfil my duties

Crowd repeats: And fulfil my duties

Judge Brum Bozzi: As a Canadian citizen

Crowd repeats: As a Canadian citizen

The camera pans back to Judge Brum Bozzi and shows her finishing the Oath. Everyone applauds. The video shows a wide shot of the drumming group, which performs one last time to finish the event.

Judge Brum Bozzi: Congratulations. Félicitations à tous. Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête du Canada!

The video fades to black.

The Canada wordmark appears on screen.


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