Participate in a reaffirmation ceremony

A reaffirmation ceremony is a formal event where participants repeat the oath of citizenship to express their commitment to Canada.


Organizing a reaffirmation ceremony

You can organize a reaffirmation ceremony in your community, your place of work or your school. The following steps will help you plan your event.

Ceremony officials

  • Choose a master of ceremonies who can act as the presiding official, a guest speaker and a person to lead the group in the oath of citizenship, and in the singing of our national anthem, “O Canada.”
  • Consider a guest speaker who will speak from the heart about citizenship and its rights, and responsibilities. This could be a school principal, a group leader, or someone from the community who has recently become a Canadian citizen.
  • If there is a recipient of the Order of Canada, Order of Military Merit, or a citizenship judge in your community, consider inviting them to lead the oath of citizenship.

Video: Reaffirmation of the Oath of Citizenship

Canadians are proud of their citizenship. Use this video during your Canadian citizenship reaffirmation ceremony.
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Reaffirmation ceremony program outline

  • To facilitate the planning of your reaffirmation ceremony, a guide and a sample program are available.

Promotional material

  • Reaffirmation certificates and “O Canada” national anthem bookmarks will serve as special souvenirs of the occasion. Make sure that you have sufficient inventories of these materials to distribute to all guests.

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