The Great Canadian Oath

Started on Parliament Hill in 2012, the Great Canadian Oath is a Canada Day event. It is when citizens say the Oath of Citizenship together. By saying the oath on this important day, we reflect on our citizenship’s rights and responsibilities.

We invite you to add the Great Canadian Oath to your Canada Day activities. You can do it at backyard barbecues, out-of-town getaways and even your town's Canada Day celebrations.

The reaffirmation ceremony page explains how to:

  • organize a ceremony
  • order materials
  • create reaffirmation certificates

Through the Great Canadian Oath, we bring all Canadians together on Canada Day.

The Great Canadian Oath: Canada Day 2012

On Canada Day 2012, the first Great Canadian Oath took place. Thousands of Canadians said the Oath of Citizenship on Parliament Hill.

The Great Canadian Oath

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