How to get a police certificate – Iceland

If you need to give your fingerprints for a police certificate, this isn’t the same as giving your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) for an application.

Name of document you need

Criminal record (Sakavottorð)

Police certificate and IRCC requirements

You must provide a police certificate when you apply for

  • permanent residence
  • citizenship
  • some temporary residence programs

Check your application package or instructions for details.

How to apply

If you live in Iceland

Apply online (available in English and Icelandic only) or in person at the district commissioner (Sýslumenn) in the municipality where you live in Iceland (check Contact information for details).

Certificates are available to everyone over the age of 15 who has an Icelandic identification number (also called a kennitala).

You can find more information about criminal records on the Government of Iceland website (available in English and Icelandic only).

If you live outside of Iceland

You must give written authority (signed by two witnesses) to a representative in Iceland to request the certificate on your behalf. The certificate request can be sent by fax or email as a PDF attachment to the district commissioner (Sýslumenn) in the municipality where you lived (check Contact information for details).

Special considerations

Do I need a police certificate for International Experience Canada (IEC)?

If you are a citizen of Iceland, you do not need to provide a police certificate from this country with your application. However, an IRCC officer may request one at a later date.

You must provide police certificates for all other countries or territories where you have lived for a total of six months or more since your 18th birthday.

Requesting an Icelandic identification number

If you don’t have an Icelandic identification number (kennitala), contact your district commissioner (available in English and Icelandic only) to find out how to get one.

Contact information

District commissioners’ office locations are available on the Government of Iceland website  (available in English and Icelandic only).

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