Take part in our citizenship

Be active in your community

Get involved with your community to make Canada a stronger and more inclusive country.

Attend a citizenship ceremony

New citizens take the oath of citizenship to become Canadian at ceremonies across the country. Most are open to the public. You can search for upcoming citizenship ceremonies by date or location using our search tool. Help welcome home new Canadians!

Host a citizenship ceremony

The citizenship ceremony is a formalized rite of passage that pinpoints the moment someone enters the Canadian family. Find out how community groups can host a citizenship ceremony to welcome new Canadians.

Organize a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony

reaffirmation ceremony is a formal event in which participants repeat the oath of citizenship to express their commitment to Canada. This is the same oath that all newcomers take when they become Canadian citizens at a citizenship ceremony. If you‘re already a citizen, you can organize or participate in a reaffirmation ceremony.

Canada Day

On Canada Day, we celebrate our freedoms and rights. We honour the shared history, symbols, and values that define us as Canadians. All of these things give us our identity.

There are many ways you can be active in your community to celebrate being Canadian.

Participate in Citizenship Week

In May we celebrate Citizenship Week! A time for all Canadians to reflect on the value and meaning of citizenship.

Volunteer in your community

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