What to do after you get your passport and how to keep it safe

When you get your passport, it’s important to protect it and prepare yourself before travelling. We have important tips to help you take care of your passport when you travel.

Your passport is the exclusive property of the Government of Canada. You’re the only person who can use it. Misusing it could result in criminal proceedings, revocation of your passport, or future ineligibility for passport services.

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When you get your new passport

Once you get your new passport, there are a few things you should do right away

  1. Check it.
    • Make sure the personal information in your new passport is correct.
    • Contact us immediately if you find an error.
  2. Sign it.
    • Sign your name using a black or blue ballpoint pen on the signature line on page 3.
      • Don’t sign anyone else’s passport, including your child’s. This makes the passport invalid.
      • Children under 16 should not sign their passport.
  3. Fill it in.
    • Add your emergency contact information in pencil.
      • This is so you can update it if you need to.
If you have a NEXUS card, update your passport information.

Learn how to update your NEXUS info.

Before you travel

When preparing to travel outside Canada

Get more information and advice on how to stay safe while you’re travelling.

Check if you need to apply for a visa

Check the visa requirements for your destinations. You can also contact embassies or consulates in Canada to find out if you need a visa to enter their country.

If you need to send your passport to a visa office, we recommend you use a courier so you can track your package. Learn how to apply for a visa.

Register as a Canadian abroad

The Government of Canada can notify you in case of an emergency abroad or at home. We encourage you to sign up whether you’re planning a vacation or living abroad. Sign up or access your existing registration.

Carry your valid Canadian passport if you’re a dual citizen

As a dual Canadian citizen, you must carry a valid Canadian passport to return to Canada. If you don’t, you won’t be allowed to board your flight.

This applies even if

Canadian-American dual citizens may have other options.

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When you’re travelling

Make sure you keep your passport safe at all times.

Get help while outside Canada

For help with emergencies outside Canada, contact the

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