Immigration process — Intercountry adoption: After you apply

Processing your application

After you apply to sponsor an adopted child to come to Canada, there are several more steps.

Application processing times

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we can’t

  • process applications normally
  • give accurate processing times for most applications

If you’ve already applied, see the check your application status page to learn how

  • to check your application status
  • we’re processing applications during the pandemic New

Processing time ?

Various by country

Check application processing times

When the application for permanent residence is sent to the Canadian visa office overseas, our Call Centre no longer has access to the file. If you have questions about the child’s application at that point, you must contact the visa office. Check the website for processing times for sponsorship of adopted children processed by visa offices outside Canada.

Issuing the permanent resident visa for your child to come to Canada

You will be notified when your child has met the immigration requirements and is ready to be issued a permanent resident visa.

To avoid unnecessary expense and disappointment, you should not plan to return to Canada with the adopted child until you know with certainty that all immigration requirements have been met.

While this process may seem long and complicated, it is necessary for the child’s protection.

Your child’s passport to travel to Canada

You must obtain the child’s passport from the child’s home country. You must present the passport to the Canadian visa office serving the child’s home country in order for the child to receive a permanent resident visa. The visa and the child’s passport must be shown to Canada Border Services officers when the child arrives in Canada.

The adoption agency in your province or territory may be able to advise you where to apply to get the child’s passport. Make sure to get this information some time before you plan to bring the child to Canada.

Health care, travel health and adoption

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  • the health needs of adopted children
  • travel health for adoptive parents and children

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