Make a job offer

Make a job offer

When you have a candidate and a job that meet the program’s requirements, offer the candidate the job using the form Offer of Employment to a Foreign National [IMM 0157] (PDF, 317 KB).

If the job offer is permanent you must enter permanent as the end date in box 22 of your Offer of Employment form (IMM 0157).

Complete and sign the form. Give the candidate a copy for them to sign and submit with their application. The candidate will need a copy of the form and a copy of your Confirmation of Designation to get a settlement plan.

Settlement plan

You need to work with a settlement service provider organization in your province to support your newcomer employee(s) and their family.

These organizations can provide your candidate a needs and assets assessment, and then their settlement plan. The candidate will give you a copy of the settlement plan. You’ll need the plan to get endorsed.

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