Infographic: A guide to sponsor your spouse, partner or child

Here are the 5 steps you need to take to sponsor your spouse, partner, or child.

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2. Submit an application

Follow the document checklist, make sure your application is complete and submit your application.

If your application is incomplete, we’ll return it to you without processing it.

3. We process your application

Processing time

New applications are expected to take 12 months until a decision is made.

This includes a 2-3 month wait period for us to make sure your application is complete and ready for processing

See top questions about processing times.

Application status

You can track and update your application online.


We may ask the person you’re sponsoring for their biometrics. They have 30 days to give their biometrics.

COVID 19: Biometrics deadline

Some biometrics collection sites are closed. If the site closest to you is closed, we’ll extend your deadline to give your biometrics. Find out how COVID 19 is affecting biometrics.


We may ask for more information or an in-person interview at any time.


We’ll ask your family members to do medical exams. They have 30 days to do the exam.

4. We make a decision

We let you know if we approved or refused your application. Processing time ends.

We’ll send instructions to your family members about the next steps to become permanent residents.

5. Your family prepares to come to Canada

Your family members must meet an officer in Canada before their documents expire.

After they arrive, they get their permanent resident card in the mail and they can use settlement services.

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