Authorization to return to Canada: Before you apply

Before you apply for an authorization to return to Canada (ARC), assess

If your circumstances haven’t changed

If the circumstances that led to the removal order have not changed, it’s less likely that you’ll get permission to return to Canada.

When an officer assesses your application, they’ll consider some of the following factors:

If the CBSA paid for your removal

If the CBSA paid to remove you from the country, you’ll have to pay both of the following before we issue an ARC:

  1. the application processing fees (CAN$459.55)
  2. the amount we paid to remove you (your removal costs)

Processing fees are not refundable no matter the final decision on your application. If we refuse your application and you decide you want to apply again, you’ll have to pay a new processing fee.

Removal costs are

If you have to repay your removal costs, we’ll let you know the exact amount once we start processing your application.

We’ll only ask you to repay the removal costs if we approve your application.

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