Authorization to return to Canada: Who needs an authorization

If we issued you a Direction to Leave Canada

A Direction to Leave Canada (form IMM 1217B) is not a removal order. It’s issued when an officer is unable to examine you at a port of entry.

If you received a Direction to Leave Canada:

  • you don’t need to apply for an ARC
  • you can return to Canada subject to normal examination at the port of entry

The need for an authorization to return to Canada (ARC) depends on

How removal orders are enforced

Before we can consider an application for an ARC, the removal order must first be enforced.

For a removal order to be enforced, you must

  • appear before a border services officer at the airport or land border to confirm your departure from Canada
  • obtain a Certificate of Departure (IMM 0056B)
  • depart from Canada
  • be authorized to legally enter your country of destination

Types of removal orders

There are 3 types of removal orders:

Before leaving Canada, you would have received one of these removal order forms.

Read the information below about the removal order you were issued to find out if you need an ARC or not.

1. Departure order (IMM 5238)

A departure order means you must leave Canada within 30 days of the order becoming enforceable (meaning that the departure order is not suspended).

If you received a departure order

If a departure order is not enforced within 30 days of the day the order becomes enforceable, the departure order automatically becomes a deportation order.

2. Exclusion order (IMM 1214B)

An exclusion order means you can’t return to Canada for 1 year after the order has been enforced.

If you were issued the exclusion order because of misrepresentation, you can’t return to Canada for 5 years after the order has been enforced.

If you received an exclusion order

3. Deportation order (IMM 5238B)

A deportation order means you

If you were issued a removal order for criminal inadmissibility

You have to resolve your criminal inadmissibility before we process your application for an ARC.

If you’re not eligible or are unable to resolve your criminal inadmissibility at the moment, but you have a valid reason to travel to Canada temporarily, you must apply for

If you are deemed temporarily admissible, the ARC will be issued to you.

A temporary resident permit does not overcome your inadmissibility to Canada or your removal order.

Find out what it means to be criminally inadmissible and what to you if you’re inadmissible.

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