Designated organizations for the Start-up Visa Program: Suspension or loss of designation

Suspension or loss of designation

While you’re a designated organization, you must uphold certain conditions to keep your designation.

Suspension of designation

If we suspect that you don’t meet the conditions outlined in the regulations or submitted false, misleading or inaccurate information, we may:

  • suspend your ability to make commitments, and
  • put all start-up visa applications linked to your commitment certificates on hold.
    • We’ll send the applicants a letter to let them know their application is on hold.

You can be suspended for up to 9 months. The suspension may be lifted earlier if the Minister determines that the situation is resolved. In these cases, the suspension is lifted on the date that a notification is issued by the Department.

Loss of designation

You could lose your designation (become de-designated) if you:

  • don’t meet the requirements and conditions for designation
  • have submitted false, misleading or inaccurate information to us, or
  • were suspended and didn’t resolve the situation that caused your suspension within 9 months

You are considered to be “de-designated” as soon as you are removed from the list of designated organizations.

If you become de-designated, we can:

  • refuse applications based on the commitment of your organization, or
  • return applications that we have not started to process and refund fees

We’ll notify applicants affected by the de-designation and let them know what their next steps are.

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