Destination Canada Mobility Forum 17th edition: November 2021 Program

The forum will take place virtually from November 18 to 20, 2021.

By participating in this online event, candidates, employers and organizations will have access to

Virtual booths

Canadian employers, representatives from provinces and territories, Francophone community associations and regional economic development organizations will be available to meet you at their virtual booths. Employers and the organizations that represent them will publish their job postings before the forum. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with them to discuss the jobs they’re offering. Visiting the virtual booths is a great way to start building your Canadian network.

Video room

Before, during and after the forum, you will have access to videos about

Here’s a list of the videos and series that will be available:

Overview of the Canadian provinces and territories

In this video, each province and territory (except Quebec) briefly showcases the warm welcome given to those newly arrived in Canada. Each province and territory offers a unique economy, job market, geography and climate. This video will help you choose your destination in Canada.

Presentations by provinces and territories

In these videos, representatives of Canada’s provinces and territories (except Quebec) will share detailed information on their part of the country. You’ll learn more about the opportunities that exist across Canada and the immigration programs specific to each province and territory.

What is my job title in Canada? The National Occupational Classification

In Canada, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) is a system developed to define and classify jobs. Many of Canada’s immigration programs use the NOC system to determine if a job or work experience is relevant according to the criteria of the program. This video will guide you in finding the right NOC code and allow you to better present your experience to Canadian employers and immigration officials.

Preparing financially

Learn how to prepare yourself financially for life in Canada. These videos will cover

They did it!

Watch testimonials from people who have made Canada their destination and their new home. How did they prepare themselves? How did they handle cultural differences? What challenges have they encountered along the way? Learn from the experiences of others.

Conferences with question-and-answer periods

Here’s a list of the conferences that will be offered.

Understanding immigration programs

To help you determine the immigration program best suited to you, an immigration officer will present the different temporary (Mobilité FrancophoneInternational Experience Canada) and permanent (Express Entry) immigration options, selection criteria and procedures to apply.

Approaching the Canadian labour market

Building a network, developing a Canadian resume and preparing for a job interview are key steps to get ahead in the Canadian labour market. A panel of human resources experts will share advice on how to adapt your approach to the needs of Canadian employers, sell yourself without bragging and get a job in Canada.

Ready to go!

This session presents the essentials for a successful arrival in Canada: financial preparation, networking, finding housing, health care, school for children and adapting to a new life.

Start or acquire a business in Canada

This conference will explain how to move to Canada as an entrepreneur. From planning to market research, from financing to registering your business, this session will cover the stages and key resources for starting or acquiring a business in Canada. A multitude of tips will be available for those interested in launching a business in Canada.

The conferences will be recorded and available on the virtual exhibition platform from November 22 to December 21, 2021.

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