Hire a temporary foreign worker

Find out if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment to hire a temporary worker, what work permit program to use, what to do after you hire and how to help your employee extend their work permit.

Services and information

About LMIAs and how to hire temporary foreign workers

Find out if you need an LMIA to hire a temporary worker and which hiring program fits your needs

Hire a worker with an LMIA

How to hire through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program after you get a positive LMIA, and how to hire in Quebec

Hire a worker without an LMIA

How to hire through the International Mobility Program, how to submit an offer of employment and next steps

After you hire a worker without an LMIA

Understand your responsibilities as an employer after you hire a temporary worker

Hire a French-speaking worker

Options for hiring French-speaking or bilingual foreign workers outside Quebec

Hire a Ukrainian

Job Bank has set up a simple process to help you support Ukrainian nationals in Canada with a job

Extend a temporary worker’s permit

What you and the worker must do, forms, fees and renewing online vs. paper

Hire skilled youth through International Experience Canada

How to fill temporary positions quickly with young, skilled foreign workers between the ages of 18 and 35

Outreach services for employers hiring foreign workers

Information to help you use immigration programs to hire skilled workers

Hire international students

What you need to know when hiring a student while they study or after they graduate

How to benefit from the Global Skills Strategy

Who can apply and how the worker can get their application processed in 2 weeks

Are you looking to hire a permanent worker? Learn about your hiring options.



Canada’s immigration advantage for employers

Hiring and retaining global talent: resources for employers in Canada

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