You need a work permit

You need a work permit if you’re appealing a decision from the Immigration Refugee Board or you’re under a removal order and cannot be removed from Canada.

You may be eligible for an open work permit if either

and you meet these 2 requirements

How to pay your fee

You’re exempt from paying the open work permit holder fee (CAN$100). Don’t pay this fee.

You must pay the work permit processing fee (CAN$155).

Because you’re exempt from paying one of the fees (open work permit holder fee), you need to pay your fees before you apply online.

The system will calculate the total amount you need to pay when you click “Submit”. 

Keep your receipt

After you pay your fee, keep a copy of the receipt. You’ll need to upload it under “Proof of Fee Exemption” when you apply online for your work permit.

If you apply online

You must answer some questions to create a personalized document checklist. Make sure you answer the questions correctly.

Answer “No, I am exempt from paying fees for this application” to the question “There are fees associated with this application. Will you be paying your fees or are you fee-exempt?”

You’re exempt from paying only the open work permit holder fee. 

Family members

Your family members are not eligible for an open work permit unless one of the following applies:

They may qualify for another type of work permit.

When you apply

You can apply online (recommended) or on paper.

When you fill out your work permit application form,

How to apply for a work permit

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