Work in Canada temporarily

Apply to work in Canada, extend your work or change the conditions of your work permit.

Services and information

Find out if you need a work permit

Who needs a work permit, which permit is right for you and special instructions for some workers

Apply for a work permit

Who can apply, how to apply, where to get application forms and guides, what to expect after you apply

Open work permits for your family members

Eligibility, when they should apply, and what documents they need

Find out if you’re eligible for two-week processing

Who can apply for the Global Skills Strategy, and what you need to do

Check processing times

How long it takes to process work permits, and extensions for online and paper applications

Extend or change your work permit

Steps to take if your job is extended or changes, if you get a different job or if you want to leave and come back to Canada

Get a new visitor visa from inside Canada

How to get a new visa if you have a work permit and you want to leave and come back to Canada

Restore your status

How to restore your status and get a new work permit if yours expired before you could apply for a new one


How to send a complete immigration application

Learn how to avoid common errors that can cause delays in processing your application to come to Canada.


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