Law Commission of Canada

An independent agency committed to engaging the people of Canada in the ongoing and dynamic evolution of law.

In 2023, following a 17-year hiatus, the Law Commission of Canada (“LCC”) rejoined independent law reform agencies throughout this country and beyond in underscoring the value of research and reflection on law’s roles in shaping human communities and supporting our complex identities, connections, and interactions.  

Established by Parliament in the spring of 1997 by the Law Commission of Canada Act, the LCC is mandated to consider the changing needs of Canadian society through the study, review, and innovative development of Canada’s law and legal systems.  

Non-partisan in nature and distinct from advocacy groups, the LCC offers leadership and guidance on the responsible and responsive evolution of law in the lives of people across Canada. 

LCC President

Meet Shauna Van Praagh and read her Letters from the LCC


Meet LCC Commissioners Sarah Elgazzar and Aidan Johnson

What We Heard

An overview of what the LCC heard from January to May 2024


Framing the LCC’s research directions and outreach initiatives 

Departmental Plan

Consult the LCC’s 2024-2025 Departmental Plan


Connect with the LCC’s network of partners, collaborators, and friends 


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