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Operations Update

RCN ships depart for RIMPAC 2022, Operations Projection and Neon


HMCS Winnipeg departs Esquimalt for RIMPAC 2022.

On June 14, 2022, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Vancouver and Winnipeg, and their CH-148 Cyclone helicopter air detachments, departed Esquimalt, B.C., to participate in Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) – the largest international maritime exercise in the world.

Over 25,000 personnel from 26 nations are participating in this year’s exercise, which includes maritime, air and land forces. From June 29 to August 4, these forces will operate around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California.

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) personnel are also serving in senior leadership roles during RIMPAC. Rear-Admiral Christopher Robinson is the Deputy Commander Combined Task Force RIMPAC, and Captain (Navy) Doug Layton is the Deputy Commander Combined Force Maritime Component Command.

After RIMPAC has concluded, HMCS Vancouver will support Operations Projection and Neon, while HMCS Winnipeg will support Op Projection.

Operation ReassuranceHalifax and Montréal returning
to Halifax; Kingston and Summerside to deploy


HMCS Montréal proceeds alongside Souda Bay, Greece on Operation Reassurance.

In mid-July, HMC Ships Halifax and Montréal will wrap up their deployments on Operation Reassurance. Over the last few months, these ships have demonstrated Canada’s commitment to NATO’s assurance and deterrence measures in Central and Eastern Europe. Throughout this deployment these ships have sailed in the North Atlantic, Northern European waters and Mediterranean Sea.

On June 26, HMC Ships Kingston and Summerside departed Halifax and deployed on Op Reassurance together. Both ships are joining Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1.

As Kingston-class vessels, HMC Ships Summerside and Kingston bring unique capabilities to the table during Op Reassurance, especially regarding mine countermeasures – the actions taken to prevent or reduce the damage and danger posed by mines.

HMCS Summerside will deploy with an embarked RCN clearance diving team. This team will be supported by autonomous underwater vehicles aboard HMCS Kingston which have mine countermeasures capabilities. These assets provide valuable expertise and effective contributions to NATO missions.

Top stories

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Steward occupation to be eliminated in the RCN

The RCN has announced that the Steward occupation is being eliminated. The announcement was made at a virtual Town Hall held on June 13, with currently serving Stewards from across the country.

“This is a very tough decision that we have not taken lightly,” said Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, Commander RCN in his statement to Stewards. “While the Steward occupation will phase out over the next three years, we value every one of our Stewards and will work with each of them individually to find the best way for them to continue their careers serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCN.” 

The only immediate change is that recruiting new stewards will stop as of this month. Those who are already serving will continue to be employed in all the jobs that they’ve been doing and it will take at least three years to complete the transition. Each individual will be managed separately.

Workshop focuses on Canadian Surface Combatants’ Ops Room for future sailors


Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tom Lizotte spoke to participants during a workshop at the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre in Halifax on May 16.

The RCN is taking a novel approach to ensure its future warship – the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) – will meet the needs of the next generation of sailors facing the next generation of threats.

A group of 55 personnel – sailors, Air Force personnel and industry representatives – recently took part in a workshop to mine their perspectives in order to fuel the design for the CSC project.

These kinds of workshops provide the RCN with outside views and expertise, and help ensure that our sailors are best-positioned to manage a security environment that continues to evolve.

Navigating transition: RCN transgender sailor shares experience


Master Sailor River Leggat

Master Sailor River Leggat is an ardent spokesperson for the education of military leaders on LGBTQ2+ issues, frequently gives her time as a support to transitioning members and is an unwavering and outspoken champion of respect and inclusivity. But before this chapter in her career, she went through her own trials transitioning in uniform. Read about her journey.

D-Day veteran recounts wartime experiences to school children


Alex Polowin, 98, the last surviving member of HMCS Huron.

Mr. Alex Polowin, 98, the last surviving crew member of HMCS Huron, was in the thick of it during the Second World War.

He and his crewmates, who served during the Battle of the Atlantic, contributed to the war effort by protecting convoys and supporting Operation Neptune and the D-Day landings at Normandy, France, in June 1944.

One of Mr. Polowin’s favourite pastimes is telling school children the story of his military service. Read his story here.

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July RCN Mentorship Program session to discuss culture

Mark your calendars to attend the July session of the RCN’s Mentorship Program. Chief Warrant Officer Bob McCann from Chief, Professional Conduct and Culture will discuss culture.

Sailors – Regular and Reserve Force – at all ranks and civilian employees at all levels are invited.

Great Lakes Deployment reaches Lake Huron


HMCS Oriole arrives in Toronto as part of the Great Lakes Deployment 2022.

Canadians in communities along the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie have had a unique opportunity to learn about the RCN this month.

Throughout June, the tall ship HMCS Oriole visited these ports as part of the ongoing Great Lakes Deployment 2022. Canadians had the chance to talk to sailors and learn about the different career opportunities available in the RCN, while touring the Navy’s oldest serving commissioned ship.

Throughout July, the ship and its crew will sail as far west as Sault St. Marie, Ont., before turning back and visiting several communities along the coast of Lake Huron.

HMCS Glace Bay, a Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, will also participate in the Great Lakes Deployment in July. Over the course of the next few weeks, Glace Bay will visit Toronto, Oshawa and Kingston in Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski in Quebec.

It will sail to cities throughout Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River.

Learn more about the Great Lakes Deployment 2022 and upcoming port visits for HMC Ships Oriole and Glace Bay.

July marks WRCNS 80th anniversary: Submit a story about a Wren!

With the 80th anniversary of the inception of the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS) approaching on July 31, Canadians are invited to share their stories about a friend or family member who served in the WRCNS. Submissions may be published on the RCN’s website and social media accounts. Please include high resolution, scanned photos if available, as well as your name and contact information.

Ride along with Navy Bike Ride 2022


Navy Bike Ride participants from 2022

Participants are lining up to ride in the 2022 Navy Bike Ride (NBR)! This year’s free virtual rides – 28 rides that can be ridden solo or on a team – have begun and will end August 7.

In addition to the option of free virtual rides, participants can also join the premium Admiral’s Challenge, to be ridden between July 29 and August 7.  The Admiral’s Challenge consists of three different distance options: the 20 km Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat Ride, 80 km Anniversary Ride and the 207 km Nautical Miles RCN Ride. Riders can complete, one, two or all three options.

Admiral’s Challenge participants are rewarded with up to three unique NBR coins once they’ve completed their chosen distance options.

Haven’t signed up, but are ready to ride? Head to our official Race Roster page and sign up now.

Navy website moving to

Update your bookmarks! The RCN’s official website has moved to, the official website of the Government of Canada.



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