Ombudsman Publishes Report on the Administration of Contingency Cost Moves for Personal Reasons, Compassionate Status and Compassionate Postings

Ombudsman Message | 02 May 2022

I am pleased to announce the publication of "Service Versus Self: A systemic investigation into contingency cost moves for personal reasons, compassionate status, and compassionate postings in the Canadian Armed Forces".

This report examines the relationship of military family issues with the administration of contingency cost moves for personal reasons, compassionate status and compassionate postings in areas such as policy and process, communication, and mental health and support services.

Contingency cost moves, compassionate status and compassionate postings allow Canadian Armed Forces members to be posted to, or remain in, a location that accommodates their families’ personal circumstances.

However, our report found that most interviewees felt the policy and its administration were not flexible enough for the realities of modern-day families. Differing family structures within the CAF and Canadian society mean that traditional attitudes and approaches may no longer serve the needs of military families. Nevertheless, most CAF members with approved contingency cost move, compassionate status or compassionate posting requests stated that their circumstances improved. As a result, they appreciated the policy.

Our report presents three evidence-based recommendations. If accepted and implemented, these recommendations will contribute to the well-being of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families who face personal circumstances.

During the course of our investigation, we interviewed nearly 200 constituents and stakeholders about contingency cost moves, compassionate status, and compassionate postings. I wish to thank all involved for their participation. Without their cooperation and collaboration, this office would not be able to fulfil its mandate to contribute to long-lasting improvements for our constituents.

Before publishing our reports, the Minister has 28 days to review and respond to our recommendations. Traditionally, we publish this response alongside our report. The ministerial hold for this report has expired. We have been informed that the Minister will provide her response in due course.


Gregory A. Lick

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