PacifiCan’s 2024–2025 Departmental Plan at a glance

Pacifican’s departmental plan describes the agency’s priorities, plans and associated resources for the upcoming three fiscal years. A departmental plan is prepared by the agency each year to be tabled in Parliament in the spring.

Information on PacifiCan’s raison d’être and operating context is available on PacifiCan’s website at the links below.

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Key priorities

Over the last few years, as British Columbian businesses and communities faced the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, PacifiCan was here to help with a suite of programs and services. While we continue to serve those who benefited and who are now working hard to repay their loans, we have turned our attention to strengthening the foundations for future growth. PacifiCan will continue to support British Columbians. Our vision of Enduring Prosperity for all British Columbians will guide us as we focus on advancing four goals:

  • Quality jobs
    • With high costs of living in British Columbia, well paying and reliable jobs are more important than ever. They are a critical part of addressing affordability challenges. PacifiCan will help job creators and the organizations that support them to create the quality jobs that British Columbians need.
  • Competitive Industry Clusters
    • Clusters are local groups of companies and other organizations who cooperate and compete to create products and services at an advantage. In British Columbia’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)-driven economy, clusters can deliver reduced costs, deeper talent pools, more innovation, and greater productivity. The agency will work with partners who share our ambition to grow competitive clusters.
  • Globally Successful Businesses
    • Exports of goods and services are a source of prosperity for British Columbians. Companies that grow locally and compete globally bring wealth into our communities, support quality jobs, and grow our standard of living over the long run. PacifiCan will support businesses to accelerate their growth and expand to new markets.
  • Inclusive Growth
    • Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and other underrepresented groups have lower rates of employment and business ownership than other British Columbians. With our presence across the province, we will grow our understanding of the diverse communities in British Columbia and the people and businesses within them. PacifiCan will help increase economic participation for all under-represented people across British Columbia.

In the year ahead, Pacifican will continue to tailor our programs and services to advance economic opportunities in British Columbia. Our work with communities will be informed by our staff through their on-the-ground expertise, relationships, and insight to best serve British Columbians.

PacifiCan is committed to supporting British Columbians through our four roles: investor, pathfinder, convenor, and advisor.

  • As investor, we will strategically invest in projects and initiatives to grow quality jobs, increase the growth of industry clusters and exports, and remove barriers to inclusive economic participation.
  • As pathfinder, we will help businesses and organizations navigate other federal government pathways to access additional programs and services.
  • As convenor, we will foster collaboration and cultivate partners to improve economic opportunities in communities across the province.
  • As advisor, we will advance British Columbians’ economic interests within and across governments and bring British Columbians’ economic interests to Ottawa.

In the year ahead, we will continue to focus on client service and excellence. We will invest in our team so that it is inclusive, skilled, and equipped. We will complete the build of PacifiCan as a new agency and open our headquarters in Surrey.     

Refocusing government spending

In Budget 2023, the Government of Canada committed to reducing spending by $14.1 billion over five years, starting in 2023–24, and by $4.1 billion annually after that.

While not officially part of this spending reduction exercise after 2023-24, PacifiCan will respect the spirit of this exercise by seeking further efficiencies in areas such as accommodations.  The figures in this departmental plan reflect the reductions adopted in 2023-24.


A Departmental Results Framework consists of an organization’s core responsibilities, the results it plans to achieve, and the performance indicators that measure progress.

Economic Development in British Columbia

Departmental results:

  • Businesses: Businesses are growing in British Columbia;
  • Communities: Communities are growing in British Columbia; and
  • Technologies: Businesses are commercializing technology and adopting technology in British Columbia.

Planned spending: $111,806,519

Planned human resources: 122 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)

Core Responsibility:

PacifiCan promotes growth and diversification in British Columbia’s economy by enhancing innovation, improving business competitiveness, and promoting the adoption of clean technologies and inclusive growth.

With staff located throughout the province, we work to understand local economic conditions and support regionally tailored economic development. Our approach recognizes that economic realities differ across communities. Our strategic investments in projects and initiatives will create quality jobs in communities across British Columbia. Our programs will continue to support businesses to scale-up, strengthen regional industry clusters to help companies compete, mobilize British Columbia’s diverse talent, and spark innovation.

To advance long-term economic growth and inclusion, PacifiCan will implement our core programs:

In addition to delivering our core programming, we deliver temporary programs to support economic development across British Columbia, such as the national three-year Tourism Growth Program, the six-year Regional Quantum Initiative and our Rebuilding Lytton programs. We will also innovate in our program suite. The Business Accelerator Pilot, to help small- and medium-sized businesses scale-up, is one example of how we are testing new ways to better support businesses.

PacifiCan's Impact

To read more about PacifiCan’s work and impact, follow these links:

More information about Economic Development in British Columbia can be found in the full departmental plan.

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