Security screening and investigation: Security investigation

Security investigation - Competencies

Key activities

  • Analyze threats and risks to identify actual and/or potential security vulnerabilities, formulate recommendations, and conceptualize and implement strategies to address those vulnerabilities.
  • Conduct security interviews and implement security aftercare measures (e.g., security briefings, security awareness measures, reviewing employees’ security screening as required and reporting change in circumstances, unusual contact, or incidents).
  • Conduct “open source” web search to support interviews and investigations.
  • Investigate security incidents, violations, and breaches, analyze findings, develop reports, and formulate recommendations for resolution.
  • Conduct administrative investigations as needed resulting from various security events to identify circumstances of a situation as per the established procedures.
  • Support the development, implementation, interpretation, and/or application of government and departmental security policies, standards and guidelines, and the Departmental Security Plan.
  • Work with Lead Security Agencies and other government departments to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

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