Security screening and investigation: Security screening

Security screening - Competencies

Key activities

  • Coordinate and review security screening applications and renewal processes for completeness and accuracy (e.g., conduct fingerprints identification, criminal record checks, reference checks, subject interviews, etc.) through questioning, analyzing, and assessing risks in determining the loyalty, trustworthiness, reliability, and suitability of an individual starting or pursuing employment with the Government of Canada, and make recommendations on granting, denying, or revoking security statuses.
  • Plan and coordinate security related projects such as the design and/or implementation of appropriate measures and/or processes (e.g., fingerprints, security screening data, etc.) to support and implement a screening program in accordance with security screening policies and procedures.
  • Prepare, compile, and maintain security screening statistics/reports for departmental and central agency uses.
  • Support the development, implementation, interpretation, and/or application of government and departmental security policies, standards and guidelines, and the Departmental Security Plan.
  • Work with Lead Security Agencies and other government departments to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

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