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Public Health Agency of Canada's Public Health Ethics Consultative Group (PHECG)

The Public Health Ethics Consultative Group (PHECG) has been established to provide advice to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) on ethical issues and questions related to PHAC programs and services, and issues of national significance to the practice of public health in Canada, including issues arising both nationally and internationally.

The advice of the PHECG supports PHAC decision-making, service delivery and other activities, including the response to public health emergencies and outbreaks. As such, the PHECG represents the interests of the Canadian public and reflects the diverse values of a modern pluralistic Canadian society

The PHECG works with the Office of the Chief Science Officer to provide ongoing and timely ethics advice, and develop public health ethics tools for PHAC.

For more detailed information about the PHECG, please contact the Secretariat to obtain the group's Terms of Reference.


The PHECG members are highly respected academics and health care professionals who have substantial experience and expertise in ethical theory, public health ethics, research ethics, bioethics or related fields. The committee consists of six to eight members, including a Chair and a Vice-Chair, who are appointed by the Chief Science Officer for a term of three years.

For more detailed information about the members of the PHECG, please refer to the following:

Meeting Information and Reports

The PHECG generally meets on a bi-monthly basis, in person or via teleconference. It may provide its advice in the form of reports or discussion papers. A Record of Discussion is prepared for each meeting, for use by PHAC and the PHECG.

Public Health Ethics Tools

Contact Information

For any further questions or inquiries please contact the Public Health Ethics Consultative Group (PHECG) Secretariat.

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