Preserving antibiotics now and into the future

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's Spotlight Report 2019

Dr. Theresa Tam shines a spotlight on the importance of using antibiotics responsibly in human medicine. Discover how unnecessary antibiotic use contributes to antibiotic resistance, why unnecessary use sometimes happens, and what we can do about it

A message from Canada's Chief Public Health Officer

Taking antibiotics unnecessarily can contribute to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This means that harmful bacteria are becoming more resistant to antibiotics, limiting our available treatment options.

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Spotlight issues

About antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic popularity and the emergence of resistance

Why we use antibiotics unnecessarily

Social and cultural influencers in the decision whether to prescribe or use an antibiotic

Antibiotic use in Canadian communities

Who's prescribing antibiotics in your community and the widespread trend of the practice

What patients can do

Patients can help prevent the problem of antibiotic resistance by:

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What healthcare providers can do

Help reduce the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics by:

  • talking with patients about antibiotics
  • staying up to date on prescription guidelines and best practices
  • leveraging available tools that promote appropriate antibiotic use

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What health system leaders can do

Health system leaders can work together to address antibiotic use by:

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Evidence synthesis summaries

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