COVID-19 mandatory hotel stopover: Hotel responsibilities

Upcoming border changes

Fully vaccinated foreign nationals may be allowed to enter Canada for discretionary travel on the following dates if they meet specific criteria:

  • Effective August 9: American citizens and permanent residents of the United States, who currently reside in the United States, who meet specific criteria to qualify as fully vaccinated
  • September 7 (intended start date): All other foreign nationals who qualify as fully vaccinated   

The 3-night hotel stopover requirement will be eliminated for all travellers arriving by air after 12:01 A.M. EDT on August 9.

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Canada's hotel community is providing accommodation for the mandatory hotel stopover requirement for air travellers to Canada. This will help support public health efforts to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in our country.

Responsibilities and requirements

The hotel's main responsibilities will be to:

Location of the hotel

Government-authorized hotels are located near one of the 4 Canadian airports currently accepting international flights:

  1. Vancouver International Airport
  2. Calgary International Airport
  3. Toronto Pearson International Airport
  4. Montreal-Trudeau International Airport

They must be:

  • no more than 10 km from the:
    • Calgary International Airport
    • Toronto Pearson International Airport
    • Montreal-Trudeau International Airport
  • no more than 17.5 km from the:
    • Vancouver International Airport
  • accessible to a tertiary care hospital facility


  • Clear and congestion-free access to hotel room.
  • Compliant with the provincial fire code regulations.
  • Accessibility for wheelchairs and other assistive devices.
  • Appropriate transportation from airport to hotel.
  • Parking for travellers arriving by private vehicle.


Compliant with:

  • Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems (ASHRAE Standard 180, Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems)
  • Indoor Air Quality Standards for optimal humidity levels (ASHRAE 62.1, Ventilation for acceptable Indoor Air Quality)

Basic infrastructure and functional requirements

  • Online registration, check-in and check-out procedures.
    • Travellers can use a third party centralized booking system to reserve and pre-pay their hotel stay or book directly with the hotel.
  • Able to load proposed rate for this initiative in the Apollo Global Distribution System (GDS) with a unique rate code.
    • If the property isn't on the Apollo GDS, you must be able to provide a unique rate code in order for the identified travel management company to book the rate.
  • Secured, controlled and monitored entry and exit points.
  • 24/7 reception desk service and availability of hotel staff.
  • Measures in place to monitor travellers' compliance with mandatory isolation requirements (such as movement within hotel).
  • Individual rooms with bathrooms.
    • Accessible rooms should be available.
  • Functional telephones in travellers' rooms.

Space requirements

  • Onsite or offsite laundry facilities.
  • Onsite or offsite meal preparation as well as being able to maintain food at appropriate temperatures before delivery.

Traveller services

  • Contactless meal delivery to traveller rooms.
  • Functional television and radio.
  • Free Wi-Fi access.

Infection prevention and control

  • Physical separation between regular clients and travellers, including:
    • elevators
    • staircases
    • separate floors
  • One-way circulation for entry and exit.
  • Staff trained on all appropriate personal preventive and occupational health and safety measures.
  • Process for travellers' essential and short outside time (for example, smoke breaks) that minimizes contact with others and includes mask use and physical distancing.
  • Provision of approved alcohol-based hand sanitizer:
    • in each traveller room
    • throughout common areas
    • at all entry and exit points


  • Staff are trained on COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting guidelines and know how to apply best cleaning practices for public spaces.
  • Appropriate disinfectants provided for travellers to clean high-touch surfaces and objects in their own rooms, such as:
    • toilets
    • light switches
    • bedside tables
  • Frequently touched surfaces and objects in all hotel common areas cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily with an approved hard-surface disinfectant or a diluted bleach solution. This includes:
    • door knobs
    • countertops
    • elevator buttons
    • staircase hand rails
  • Staff and public bathroom and toilet surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily with appropriate disinfectant.
  • Clean linens are provided at beginning of stay and exchanged upon request.
  • Bedding and towels are laundered using regular laundry soap and water or machine washed between 60°C and 90 °C, and dried thoroughly.
  • Waste generated during quarantine should be placed in plastic garbage bags and sealed before disposal.
  • Rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected between stays.

Food safety

Data reporting

Capacity to:

  • report the number of travellers each day
  • generate a daily list of travellers (check-in and check-out)
  • report non-compliant travellers to the Public Health Agency of Canada

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