How to submit your Advance Declaration

  1. Sign in to the ArriveCAN app or the web version online and follow the prompts
  2. Confirm your travel identity document information (passport or Canadian permanent resident card)
  3. Answer the customs and immigration questions truthfully
  4. Submit the declaration 72 hours prior to arriving in Canada

When you are done:

Clearing customs at the airport

Note: At this time, travellers cannot use the Advance CBSA Declaration with NEXUS kiosks.

When your flight lands:

  • scan your travel document(s) at the airport kiosk or eGate where available
    • a maximum of 5 travellers can use one kiosk at a time
    • solo travellers 16 years of age or above can use eGates
  • review and edit your declaration at the kiosk or eGate (if required)
  • submit your final declaration
  • take the kiosk or eGate receipt to a border services officer for further processing

If your declaration changes before you arrive, you can edit your declaration when you get to the airport kiosk or eGate.

If you do not confirm (certify) your declaration at a kiosk or eGate within 72 hours of submitting it, it will expire and you will need to submit a new declaration (for example, if your flight is delayed or your trip is postponed).

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