Risks of botulism

Learn about the risks of botulism and who is most at risk.

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The risks of getting botulism

Anyone is at risk of developing food-borne botulism. There are only a few cases of botulism every year in Canada, so your risks of getting botulism are very low. This is because there are safe food handling practices in Canada.

Who is most at risk

Food-borne botulism can affect anyone who eats food with botulism toxin in it. No part of the population is considered more at risk for food-borne botulism.

Injection drug users, especially users of black tar heroin, are at an increased risk of getting wound botulism.

Only children under 1 year of age can get infant botulism.

The risks of complications

The risks of complications for botulism include a long period of recovery, as botulism affects the nerves.

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