Concussion: Prevention and risks

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How to reduce your risk of getting a concussion

Use safety equipment that fits properly. This includes:

  • seatbelts
  • car and booster seats
  • protective sports gear, such as a properly fitted helmet

Helmets can't prevent a concussion, but they may reduce its severity, and can prevent other serious injuries, like skull fractures.

Video: Helmet tips and tricks

You can reduce your risk of concussion in contact sports through:

  • proper training
  • supervision for practices and games
  • concussion awareness and management tools

Many national sports organizations have rules and procedures (protocols) for recognizing and managing concussions.

For more information on surveillance of traumatic brain injuries across the life course, including concussions, please see the Injury in review, 2020 edition: Spotlight on traumatic brain injuries across the life course.

How to manage your concussion

Your doctor or health care provider will tell you when you can return to work, school and activities such as sports.

Concussion management resources

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