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Use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information on and after your entry into Canada. It only takes minutes to help keep Canadians safe.

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Keeping Canadians safe

All travellers are required to provide contact and quarantine information upon and after entry into Canada. This is part of Canada's efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent importation. This information is crucial to Canada's response to COVID-19.

Paper forms can be incomplete or inaccurate, and can take days to process. To help provinces and territories protect their citizens, the Government of Canada is moving to a safer and faster paperless process.

Requirements for entry and after entry to Canada

Requirements for entering Canada by air

As of November 21, 2020, if you're flying to Canada as your final destination, you must use ArriveCAN to submit your:

You must use ArriveCAN before you board your flight to Canada.

Once you submit your information through ArriveCAN:

If you don’t travel with a smartphone

Submit your information before you leave your point of departure by signing in online.

No data on your phone while travelling

Submit your information before you leave and take a screenshot to show upon entry into Canada.

No computer or smartphone

You can sign in online on any personal computing device, like those found in Internet cafés or libraries.

If you don't submit your information through ArriveCAN, you won’t be denied boarding but you may:

  • face additional delays at the border for public health questioning
  • be subject to enforcement action, which can range from verbal warnings to $1,000 fines

Exceptions to mandatory digital submission

Travellers who are in transit to another country (and aren’t leaving the secure area at the airport) shouldn’t submit their information through ArriveCAN.

Entering Canada by land or sea

If you're travelling to Canada by land or sea, you're strongly encouraged to submit your travel information through ArriveCAN. This will speed up processing at the border and limit points of contact.

Show your ArriveCAN receipt to the border services officer.

Requirements after you've entered Canada

As of November 21, 2020, all travellers, whether you travel by air, land or sea, must report daily after your entry into Canada. If you’re entering Canada for exempt travel, you don't have to report after you’ve entered.

You must report to:

If you don't complete your reporting after you’ve entered Canada, you may receive phone calls or public health follow-ups.

How to report depends on if you:

Used ArriveCAN to enter Canada

If you’ve used ArriveCAN before you entered Canada, you’re encouraged to continue to use it daily after your arrival. You'll be able to complete your mandatory reporting in less than a minute.

Didn't use ArriveCAN to enter Canada

If you submitted your information verbally or by paper form when you entered Canada, you can’t use ArriveCAN to complete your mandatory reporting. You must call 1-833-641-0343 instead. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete your daily reports.

How to use ArriveCAN

Use ArriveCAN to submit your information easily and securely before your arrival in Canada. ArriveCAN is available to download as a mobile app or you can sign in online.

Whether you're entering Canada by air, land or sea, use ArriveCAN to:

Details you’ll provide to ArriveCAN

You provide the following information in ArriveCAN:

  • contact information, such as your name, date of birth, email address, phone number and travel document details
  • travel details, such as your:
    • date of arrival
    • port of entry if you're entering by land or marine vessel or
    • flight number, airport and airline if you're entering by air
  • the purpose of your travel (such as exempt travel, work, study, family reunification or compassionate reasons)
  • any symptoms you may be experiencing

For your quarantine plan, questions will include:

  • whether you have a place to quarantine or isolate for 14 days
  • the address of the place where you'll be staying during your quarantine or isolation period
  • if there are vulnerable people at that place
  • if it's a group living environment or houses multiple families
  • if you can have food, medication and other necessities delivered to you while in quarantine

Meeting the conditions of a suitable quarantine plan

If you arrive in Canada without a suitable quarantine plan, you’ll be asked to develop a quarantine plan within your financial means. Those that aren’t able to confirm a suitable quarantine plan may be required to quarantine or isolate at a designated quarantine facility.

The ArriveCAN mobile app saves your contact information (name, date of birth and travel document information) for travel at a later date.

If you're an exempt traveller, you don't need to provide destination details or a quarantine plan.

Submitting information for others

If you're travelling with others, you can include multiple travellers in your ArriveCAN submission.

As the primary traveller, you may provide travel information for yourself and for:

  • your spouse or common law partner
  • your children (or children for whom you have legal guardianship), aged 18 years or younger
  • any other adult for whom you're a legal guardian

You can provide information for up to 8 travellers, including yourself, in a single submission. Use this when:

  • you'll all stay together at the same address for the entire quarantine or isolation period and
  • you have their permission to collect and share this information

If you're not the traveller, you can submit travel information on behalf of others who may be unable to use ArriveCAN by:

Once you've submitted their information, print the receipt page or take a screenshot. Send it to the traveller to show to the border services officer. The traveller is responsible for ensuring they’re compliant with the requirements for entry into Canada. You don't need to be travelling with them.

How to use ArriveCAN for travel exempt from quarantine

You may be exempt from the mandatory isolation order if you're entering Canada to perform essential work, such as:

  • medical support
  • essential services
  • trade or transport
  • cross-border work

Use ArriveCAN to submit your contact information, travel details and any symptoms you may be experiencing. You don't need to provide symptom self-assessments after you enter Canada.

Find out if your travel is exempt

If you experience issues with the app or signing in online, get help for ArriveCAN.

Your privacy is protected


The personal information provided through ArriveCAN is protected according to the Privacy Act. For more information, see the ArriveCAN privacy notice.

How your ArriveCAN information is used

The Government of Canada uses the information you provide in ArriveCAN:

  • to verify or enforce compliance with the mandatory isolation order
  • for public health follow up by the provinces and territories

When you enter Canada, you'll be told:

  • how we'll verify that you're complying with the requirements
  • possible consequences if you don't comply, such as enforcement actions and penalties

We may contact you during your mandatory quarantine/isolation period to verify that you're quarantining or isolating.

We may share your information with the RCMP and provincial and territorial law enforcement agencies for compliance and enforcement follow-up activities.

Posters and handouts to print and share

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