Dengue fever


What are the risks of getting dengue fever?

There is no risk of contracting dengue fever in Canada. All cases in Canada have been among travellers returning from areas where dengue is present.

In areas where the dengue virus is present, people who are bitten by mosquitoes are at risk of contracting dengue fever. These areas include urban and semi-urban areas in tropical and subtropical regions. Your risk increases if you stay for an extended time in areas where dengue occurs.

When travelling to areas where dengue fever is present, your risk of contracting the virus is reduced if you protect yourself properly from mosquito bites.

A person who recovers from one of the 4 types of dengue will have lifelong immunity against that particular type of the virus. However, this immunity does not apply to the other 3 virus types. It can also increase the risk of developing severe dengue if exposed to any of the other types.

The Public Health Agency of Canada continues to assess the risks to travellers of contracting dengue fever.

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