An Analytical Approach: biosafety and biosecurity oversight framework

Canada has developed An Analytical Approach for the Development of a National Biosafety and Biosecurity System, a tool to strengthen global biosafety and biosecurity. This tool is available both as an online course, and as a downloadable PDF manual. Both can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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The Analytical Approach is meant to be used by interested countries and regions, ultimately contributing to global biosafety and biosecurity capacity. It provides a methodology for regional, national or local authorities to develop, modernize, implement and maintain national biosafety and biosecurity systems. This guide supports our commitment to promoting national biosafety and biosecurity under the:

How to use the tool

Canada recognizes that each country and region has unique needs, processes and capabilities. To adapt to this, the Analytical Approach has a modular, scalable and flexible format. It enables countries and regions to work through the methodology independently and at their own pace.

Countries and regions can also enter the methodology at different points depending on their current state, such as those who:

Each module of the Analytical Approach contains, where relevant, a number of components to help users through the process, including:

Benefits of the tool

The work that takes place in biological facilities across the world is essential to support research for disease prevention and response and the development of new pharmaceuticals and technologies.

Work with pathogens without national oversight systems for biosafety and biosecurity can lead to the accidental or deliberate release of these agents, potentially causing an outbreak.

The establishment of a comprehensive regional or national oversight system is key to mitigating the public health risks posed by the use of pathogens and toxins in biological facilities.

The Analytical Approach can benefit a country in:

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This project was funded by Global Affairs Canada's Weapons Threat Reduction Program.

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