Appendix B: Assessment and diagnosis of FASD among adults: a national and international systematic review – Evaluation and management of frontal lobe functions

Appendix B: Evaluation and management of frontal lobe functions

Source: Grafman, & Litvan (1999, p. 1922)

Evaluation and management of frontal lobe functions
Prefrontal cortical area Cognitive domain Neurobehavioral probe Footnote * (always compared with premorbid behavior) Management
*If screening identified potential areas of impairment, specialized testing by a neuropsychologist, neuropsychiatrist, or behavioral neurologist is usually required.
Ventromedial Social skills Does the patient make inappropriate sexual remarks, eat excessively, or disobey other types of social rules of behavior? Pharmacological agents; behavioural management
Inhibition of prepotent Does the patient exhibit stereotyped behaviors such as repeating the same phrase or activities over and over again? Pharmacological agents; behavioural management
Motivation and reward Does the patient still enjoy the same activities or items that they used to? Pharmacological agents; behavioural management
Medial Allocation of attention Is the patient's concentration distracted by irrelevant sounds or sights in the environment? Environmental control: Pharmacological agents?
Predictive planning Can the patient do routine activities, such as using an automatic bank teller or using a tea kettle to make a cup of tea? Environmental control
Frontopolar Adaptive planning Can the patient be interrupted in the middle of a conversation to answer the telephone and then after hanging up the telephone appropriately resume the conversation without cueing? Environmental control
Dorsolateral Rehearsing short-term plans Can the patient remember a telephone number after a very brief pause? Cognitive strategies
Reasoning Can the patient explain how two objects are similar (e.g. table and chair are both furniture), deduce an answer to a mystery, or adjust to an unforeseen demand or event? Cognitive strategies
Thematic understanding Can the patient read a short article or watch a brief television programme and get the point or theme of what they read or watched? Cognitive strategies
Assessment and Diagnosis of FASD Among Adults: A National and International Systematic Review
Inventory of Literature on the Assessment and Diagnosis of FASD Among Adults

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