ARCHIVED - Early primary school outcomes associated with maternal use of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy and with exposure to parent alcohol and tobacco use postnatally


Early primary school outcomes

Appendix 2
Variables Employed as Covariates

The following covariates were used as control variables in all analyses:

  • Sex of respondent (male, female)
  • Sex of child (male, female)
  • Respondent’s year of birth (year)
  • Child has any sibling (yes, no)
  • Respondent ever married (yes, no)
  • Respondent in common-law union (yes, no)
  • Single parenthood (yes, no)
  • Respondent’s education (years of schooling)
  • Respondent working full time (yes, no)
  • Respondent working part time (yes, no)
  • Respondent in labour force (yes, no)
  • Household monthly income ($)
  • Immigration status (immigrant, born Canadian)
  • Anglophone (yes, no)
  • Francophone (yes, no)

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