How can Nobody's Perfect be implemented in other countries?

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Type: Fact Sheet

Date published: 2017-11-30

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The simplicity and adaptability of Nobody’s Perfect makes it a model that can be readily adapted to meet the needs of diverse cultural communities.  The program has been implemented in Japan, Chile and Mexico.

Any financial costs are the responsibility of the organization seeking to implement the program.

Step 1: Licensing Agreement Process

  • Submit a proposal to the Government of Canada outlining how the training and program would be implemented and sustained over multiple years. There is a template for the proposal available by contacting
  • Once the plan is accepted, the Government of Canada develops a licensing agreement for signature between the government and the organization. There is no cost for the agreement.

Step 2: Implementation

  • The program resources, training manuals and parent kit are a mandatory requirement of the program.
    • The training materials and parent resources may need to be translated to ensure that they are culturally appropriate for program facilitators and participants.
    • It is expected that the parent kits are provided to participants free of charge.
    • The Government of Canada will provide the materials in English and/or French. Other languages may be available from other organizations.
  • Implement the first stage of the multi-year plan to train facilitators, trainers and eventually master trainers. The initial facilitator and trainer trainings will involve either:
    • contracting a certified trainer from Canada
    • paying for interested participants to travel to Canada to participate in training. The Government of Canada can assist in finding an appropriate trainer or training sessions.
  • Implement program for parents. Continue to increase level of training for facilitators, trainers and eventually master trainers.
  • Provide annual reports to the Government of Canada on program implementation to demonstrate the reach and ensure integrity of the program.

For more information about the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program, please email

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