COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Survey (CVCS)

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The COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Survey (CVCS) targets all Canadian adults living in the 10 provinces and the capital cities of the 3 territories, except those who live:

The purpose of the survey is to measure COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Canada and the provinces and territories. The survey compares vaccination coverage levels by different socio-demographic subgroups, such as:

This survey also helps to:

Our most reliable vaccination coverage estimates are those based on provincial and territorial registries. The CVCS complements this system with additional information.

Survey collection methodology

The Public Health Agency of Canada and Statistics Canada collaborate to develop and carry out this survey.

Letters are sent to random Canadian households and one person per household is selected to participate in the survey. The person is to complete the survey online using their computer, tablet or cell phone.

Please refer to Statistics Canada: COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Survey for more information on the survey methodology, including the questionnaire.

Survey process

The CVCS has multiple cycles. The first cycle was conducted in the capital cities of the territories. The second cycle was conducted in the 10 provinces. More cycles targeting adults living in the provinces may be carried out in the future. The collection period for a cycle is approximately 4 weeks.

Table 1: CVCS schedule for Cycle 1 and Cycle 2
Cycle Month Scope Collection Availability
Start End Final results
1 March/April 2021 Northern capitals March 15 April 12 June 4
2 April/May 2021 Provinces April 12 May 12 July 9

Dates of future cycles will be added if and when they are determined.

Survey results

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