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We are tracking all potential vaccines in development in Canada and abroad. To help expedite the development and availability of vaccines to prevent COVID-19, we are working with:

As of October 2020, Health Canada began receiving COVID-19 drug submissions for approval under the interim order (ISAD IO). The data provided in each submission was carefully reviewed to ensure that any new vaccine made available to Canadians is safe, effective and of high quality.

The ISAD IO expired on September 16, 2021. To ensure that COVID-19-related drugs authorized under the ISAD IO may continue to be imported and sold in Canada, we introduced transition measures to amend the Food and Drug Regulations. The amendments ensure that the review, authorization and oversight of COVID-19 drugs, including new drugs, can now be conducted under the Regulations.

Learn more about vaccine clinical trials in process.

Authorized vaccines

On December 9, 2020, we authorized the first vaccine in Canada for the prevention of COVID-19. Find out about COVID-19 vaccines that are authorized in Canada.

Vaccination distribution and coverage

The weekly report presents the vaccination coverage for COVID-19 vaccines by demographics and key populations, in Canada.

COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Canada

Reporting an adverse reaction

Health care providers are required to report possible reactions following vaccination to their local public health authority. The public health authority then reports them to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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Webinars on COVID-19 vaccines

Access webinars on immunization.

Health care provider tool kit

Health care providers are uniquely positioned to answer questions and provide information about COVID-19 vaccination. Help your patients and colleagues make informed choices about COVID-19 vaccination by sharing information and resources with them.

Access health care provider resources:

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