ARCHIVED - Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning


Nationally notifiable since 2007

1.0 National Notification

Only confirmed cases of disease should be notified.

2.0 Type of Surveillance

Routine case-by-case notification to the federal level

3.0 Case Classification

3.1 Confirmed case

Clinical illness and:

  • detection of saxitoxin in epidemiologically related, ingested shellfish
  • detection of high levels of dinoflagellates associated with shellfish poisoning in water from which epidemiologically related shellfish were gathered

3.2 Probable case

Clinical illness within 12 hours of consumption of bivalve mollusk shellfish (e.g. oysters, clams, mussels)

4.0 Laboratory Comments

5.0 Clinical Evidence

Clinical illness is characterized by neurological symptoms such as paresthesia and/or paralysis involving the mouth and extremities, which may be accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms.

6.0 ICD Code(s)

6.1 ICD-10 Code(s)

Toxic effect of noxious substances eaten as seafood
Other fish and shellfish poisoning

6.2 ICD-9/ICD-9CM Code(s)

Toxic effect of noxious substances eaten as food
Fish and shellfish

7.0 Type of International Reporting


Probable case definitions are provided as guidelines to assist with case finding and public health management, and are not for national notification purposes.

9.0 References

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May 2008

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