CCDR: Volume 43-10, October 5, 2017: Emerging infections


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Surveillance for Lyme disease in Canada: 2009–2015
S Gasmi, NH Ogden, LR Lindsay, S Burns, S Fleming, J Badcock, S Hanan, C Gaulin, MA Leblanc, C Russell, M Nelder, L Hobbs, S Graham Derham, L Lachance, AN Scott, E Galanis, JK Koffi

Blastomycosis hospitalizations in northwestern Ontario: 2006–2015
S Litvinjenko, D Lunny

Emerging infectious diseases: prediction and detection
NH Ogden, P AbdelMalik, JRC Pulliam

Federal Framework
Synopsis: Lyme Disease in Canada – A Federal Framework
Centre for Food-borne, Environmental and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

ID News
Measuring health burden and climate change
Emerging issues with fungal disease outbreaks
How close are we to a Zika vaccine?

Correction for Can Commun Dis Rep. Supplement 2008;34(S2)

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