CCDR: Volume 44-5, May 3, 2018: Emergency Response


Table of contents

Fifteen years post-SARS: Key milestones in Canada's public health emergency response
T Tam

Implementation science
An overview of the National Microbiology Laboratory emergency management program
D Marcino, K Gordon

Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Communications strategy
B Henry on behalf of the Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (CPIP) Task Group

Rapid communication
Misidentification of Risk Group 3/Security Sensitive Biological Agents by MALDI-TOF MS in Canada: November 2015–October 2017
D Pomerleau-Normandin, M Heisz, M Su

Outbreak report
Raccoon rabies outbreak in Hamilton, Ontario: A progress report
D Lobo, C DeBenedet, C Fehlner-Gardiner, SA Nadin-Davis, MEC Anderson, T Buchanan, K Middel, C Filejski, J Hopkins

ID News
CATMAT: Use of booster doses of yellow fever vaccine
Update on CATMAT's evidence-based recommendations

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