Appreciation: Thank you to peer reviewers 2019


Volume 45–12, December 5, 2019: HIV


Thank you to the CCDR peer reviewers of 2019

Many thanks to the following people for the time and expertise they have given to the Canada Communicable Disease Report (CCDR) as peer reviewers in 2019. These individuals have worked anonymously, in their spare time, with no remuneration. Their comments and insights have been vital to enhancing the quality of articles published in CCDR. CCDR aims to provide practical and authoritative information for clinicians and public health professionals in Canada and internationally.

Natalia Abraham
Rukshanda Ahmad
Catherine Allen-Ayodabo
Nayif Alnaif
Anne Andermann
Oliver Baclic
Terry Blake Ball
Helen Bangura
Philippe Belanger
Erika Bontovics
Suzanne Boucher
Annie-Claude Bourgeois
Stacey Burns MacKinnon
Michael Carpenter
Matthew Chan
Kim Daly
Shelley Deeks
Katherine Defalco
Parminder Dhami
Catherine Dickson
Kathleen Dunn
Marwa Ebrahim
Catherine Filejski
Annie Fleurant-Ceelen
Sarah Funnell
Victor Gallant
Marc-Andre Gaudreau
Colette Gaulin
Nany Grimard Ouellette
Todd Hatchette
Linda Hoang
Patricia Huntly
Rahul Jain
Christina Jensen
John Kim
Jennifer Kruse
Annie-Claude Labbé
Sonia Lecordier
Jennifer Lesley LeMessurier
Liane Macdonald
Noni MacDonald
Arianne Massé
Sarah McDermott
Geoff McKee
John McMeekin
Roberto Melano
Dominik Mertz
Maria Elizabeth Mitri
Muhammad Morshed
Michelle Murti
Renuka Naraine
Nnamdi Ndubuka
Susanna Ogunnaike-Cooke
Toju Ogunremi
Thomas Piggott
Lisa Pogany
Guillaume Poliquin
Rita Raafat Gad
Elizabeth Rea
Morgann Reid
Zahraa Saab
Michèle Sabourin
Stacy Sabourin
Marina Salvadori
Alberto Severini
Debbie Shannon
Ameeta Singh
Danuta Skowronski
Stephanie Smith
Kathryn Stonier
Tammy Stuart Chester
Florence Tanguay
Sylvia Thompson-Nicholson
Karen Timmerman
Kristina Tomas
Stephanie Totten
Monali Varia
Jan Trumble Waddell
Pamela Wolfe-Roberge
Tom Wong
Hui Zheng

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