CCDR: Volume 45-4, April 4, 2019: Climate change and infectious diseases: The challenges


Guest Editor: Dr. Nicholas Ogden

Table of contents

Climate change and infectious diseases: What can we expect?
NH Ogden, P Gachon

Increased risk of tick-borne diseases with climate and environmental changes
C Bouchard, A Dibernardo, J Koffi, H Wood, PA Leighton, LR Lindsay

Increased risk of endemic mosquito-borne diseases in Canada due to climate change
A Ludwig, H Zheng, L Vrbova, MA Drebot, M Iranpour, LR Lindsay

Could exotic mosquito-borne diseases emerge in Canada with climate change?
V Ng, EE Rees, LR Lindsay, MA Drebot, T Brownstone, T Sadeghieh, SU Khan

How will climate change impact microbial foodborne disease in Canada?
BA Smith, A Fazil

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