CCDR: Volume 49-7/8, July/August 2023: Enteric Diseases: A Major Health Problem in Canada

CCDR: Volume 49-7/8, July/August 2023: Enteric Diseases: A Major Health Problem in Canada Download this article as a PDF
Published by: The Public Health Agency of Canada
Date published: July/August 2023
ISSN: 1481-8531
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Table of contents

Epidemiologic Study

Developing International Classification of Disease code definitions for the study of enteric infection sequelae in Canada
E Galanis, A Goshtasebi, YW Hung, J Chan, D Matsell, K Chapman, G Kaplan, D Patrick, BY Zhang, M Taylor, D Panagiotoglou, S Majowicz

Outbreak Report

An Outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium Infections Linked to Ready-To-Eat Tofu in Multiple Health Districts — Ontario, Canada, May–July 2021
V Osasah, Y Whitfield, J Adams, A Danish, R Mather, M Aloosh

A Burkholderia stabilis outbreak associated with the use of ultrasound gel in multiple healthcare centres in Montréal, Canada, May–October 2021
C Arsenault, J Harel, F Doualla-Bell, YA Cavayas, X Marchand-Sénécal, C Frenette, Y Longtin, L Lalande, LM-P Diby, N Desmarais

Survey Report

Portrait of French-speaking minorities with respect to vaccination against COVID-19
C Desjardins, J Lacroix Haraysm, J Abdoulnour, M Denis-LeBlanc, D Hubert, S Fotsing, D Bouchard Lamothe, S Boet

Systematic Review

Communicating effectively with patients about vaccination: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
C Desjardins, M Denis-LeBlanc, C Paquette Cannalonga, M Rahmani, TA Gawargy, P-M Dion, J Lacroix Harasym, S Fotsing, M Cherba, N Langlois, S Boet


Invasive group A streptococcal (iGAS) surveillance in Island Health, British Columbia, 2022
A Nwosu, A Schut, C Arlotti Wood, C Urquhart, C Bachman, K Thompson, J Evans, K Mills, L Wenstob, T Restemeyer, T Galbraith, S Mason, S Gabriel, T Gasper, C Broeren, F Lewis, D Hoyano, S Allison, P Kibsey, A Reid, M Gully, C Swanson

Nirmatrelvir-ritonavir use among adults hospitalized with COVID-19 during the Omicron phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program
R Mitchell, D Lee, L Pelude, J Comeau, J Conly, C Ellis, J Ellison, J Embil, G Evans, L Johnston, J Johnstone, K Katz, P Kibsey, B Lee, M-A Lefebvre, Y Longtin, A McGeer, D Mertz, J Minion, S Smith, J Srigley, K Suh, J Tomlinson, A Wong, N Thampi, C Frenette

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