ARCHIVED - Chronic Diseases in Canada


Volume 30, no. 2, March 2010

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  1. Preface to the 2009 CSEB Student Conference abstracts on chronic disease
    J. Last

  2. Chronic disease abstracts presented at the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics Student Conference, May 2009, Ottawa, Ontario
    A. B. Abdeljelil,  J. Moisan, J.-P. Grégoire
  3. Alberta Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities: longitudinal study pilot phase
    A. M. dela Cruz, P. McCarthy

  4. The comorbidity burden of the treated asthma patient population in British Columbia
    R. Prosser, B. Carleton, A. Smith

  5. Gender, social relationships and depressive disorders in adults aged 65 and over in Quebec
    S.-D. Mechakra-Tahiri, M. V. Zunzunegui, M. Préville, M. Dubé

  6. Book review – Statistical detection and surveillance of geographic clusters
    B. Dufault

  7. Announcements

Chronic Diseases in Canada (CDIC) is a quarterly scientific journal focussing on current evidence relevant to the control and prevention of chronic (i.e. non-communicable) diseases and injuries in Canada. Since 1980 the journal has published a unique blend of peer-reviewed feature articles by authors from the public and private sectors and which may include research from such fields as epidemiology, public/community health, biostatistics, the behavioural sciences, and health services or economics. Only feature articles are peer reviewed. Authors retain responsibility for the content of their articles; the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the CDIC editorial committee nor of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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